Dark: A combination of cocoa beans from Equador with the typical Latin American character: fruity, combined with notes of rum, whisky and tobacco. This produces an intense flavour which fills the mouth with a lasting bitter sweetness. This contrasts well as a covering for crystallised and dried fruits. It has a minimum cocoa content of 70,4%.

Milk: A refined flavour with a subtle hint of caramel. This combines excellently with a filling of hazelnuts, almonds or peanuts. It has a minimum cocoa content of 33%.

White: This flavour is beautifully silky smooth and balances milk with hints of vanilla. The perfect accompaniment with intense flavours such as mint or strawberry-tree (arbutus) brandy. It has a minimum cocoa content of 28%.


Classic assortment

Bars -Plain chocolates & with dried fruits

Special assortment -Bombons, truffles & rochers

Hearts, letters & lollipops